The room revealed a contradictory picture. In contrast to the extremely well kept corridor, this room looked more like a cell on the prison island of Alcatraz. Smeared walls, a broken toilet bowl, a rusty sink, a shattered mirror and a locked ventilation grille on the ceiling. The really interesting thing about the room was a man with a shirt and tie. He was gagged and bound in a rickety chair.

With a look for help, he looked at Sabrina and tried to communicate with her, which failed miserably.

His hands were handcuffed to the chair. Sabrina first released the man from his gag.

“Tak, nøglen under bordet,” he said freely.

Fortunately, she spent her semester abroad in the very country whose language the man spoke.

“Do you speak English?” she asked which would make communication easier. “Oh, uh, yes, sorry,” stammered the visibly nervous man. “What is your name?” asked Sabrina. “Frederik Andersen” he answered her. “Sabrina Meier” she said and held out her hand to him.

He looked at her ID card and said, “You also work in the control center of the power plant? Me too, I am responsible for security there. ” “Do you know what’s going on here?” she asked, hoping to finally get an explanation.

“Yes, I think so, that’s why I was held captive. I have noticed that the control displays of the nuclear power plant do not show the values ​​that actually exist. They are manipulated from the outside to simulate proper operation. We have to hurry up and stop the terrorists before the whole facility blows up with a super meltdown! ”He looked frantically with a pleading look in Sabrina’s direction.

Now something was clear to her. The ads she was monitoring were the only ones that could not be manipulated!

“One of the terrorists,” continued Frederik, “has probably gotten a guilty conscience and has hidden the code to switch off without the others knowing or realizing it. When he put the shackles on me, he whispered “Find the code” into my ear. In addition, he could persuade the others not to kill us, because we would die anyway in the super meltdown. ”

“So it’s up to us to prevent the super meltdown!?” Sabrina’s eyes stared into space and her brain was working. Then she noticed a piece of paper that was hanging on the mirror with an adhesive strip. There were 3 symbols on it, but they didn’t make sense.

With two fingers, she lifted the note and then she saw it. A combination of numbers! Was it part of the lock that locked the ventilation grille?

She asked Frederik to put the chair under the grille and climbed up. Indeed, the lock opened…

There are 2 riddles in this room!

Where did she find the key?

A) under the sink? 1

B) under the toilet? 3

C) under the table? 5

D) under the chair? 2

E) behind the mirror? 7

Write down one of the red numbers (if it is the right one!)

For your final code, please also note the number of the combination lock!

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Clue “handcuffed” on the “page of shame” can be found under: HDS

Clue “combination lock” on the “page of shame” can be found under: Schls