We have developed an escape game for you, which you can play at home. Alone, with the family or via video meeting as you like. Moreover, because we are so terribly nice, the game is free too. No money, no registration, no downloading, no virus! So no excuse not to play the game.

It does not really matter how big your team is. 2-4 people would be our recommendation (of course you can also play the game via web meeting (Skype, Zoom, …)). Age: 0-99, with or without corona, the game itself is disinfected!

By the way, also nice game variant: play with two teams at different locations, start at the same time and see who the first to save the world is.

Technical requirements
Internet access and a web browser, whether via PC, tablet or mobile. No external software has to be downloaded. Notepad and writing utensil would be recommended. We do not want any data from you. A printer would be very helpful, but not necessary – but then you need a little bit of drawing talent.

If you can do it in an hour (without hints), you are good, but expect 1-2 hours.
You can play as long as you want – there is no time limit.

How to play
Purpose of the game: You need a number code to successfully complete the mission.

You have an overview of the rooms in the form of pictures, but be careful: the arrangement of the pictures does not correspond to the order of the riddles! There is another riddle behind each picture.

If you click on the pictures indiscriminately, you may get the wrong order of the final code – so follow the riddles.

Start with the marked picture, based on the story and the riddles you will find out in which “room” the game continues.

In addition, always remember the Escaperoom basics: If you can read, you have a clear advantage!

In almost every “room“, you get a number. Make a note of this, at the end all the numbers make up the code for successfully completing the mission. The numbers or questions that are important for the code are marked RED.

For given answers there is a red number behind each answer, of course only the correct answer applies here!


What do you hit with a hammer?

A) Rainbow 3

B) Meat salad 5

C) Nail 2

The number you need for the final code would only be the “2” (answer C).

If you somewhere have to calculate a checksum, then only the first number that comes out is right. So do not take the checksum of the checksum!

The sources of errors
If you answer one of the riddles incorrectly, you will get an incorrect number.

If you do not pay attention to the order of riddles, the numbers may be correct, but not the order of the final code.

If your code is wrong at the end, you will receive a note on the code checker page; here you can check which number is wrong.

If you have forgotten something, or need information from the rooms already played, just click on the corresponding picture again.

Do you want to interrupt the game or has your internet access “blown you out”? Then simply click on the last room you played (picture) and you will be back where you left off.

What is undesirable?
Nothing, it is just not advisable not to pay attention to the order of the pictures – that just confuses.

What is allowed?
Everything! All aids such as cell phone, internet, calculator … may / can / must be used.

You still need help
Look at the usual search engines, otherwise on our website at: www.escaperoom-pforzheim.de/seitederschande and you will get a tip or the solution to every riddle. However: Of course, it is under your dignity and pride to look here too early.

Sometimes a PDF opens, which you can conveniently print out – no printer at hand? You can also solve the hint visually or put a sheet on the monitor and simply draw it down, it is also fun!

If your question is not listed, you can also write us an email or WhatsApp, with a little luck we are online and help you.

Email: info@escaperooms-pforzheim.de

WhatsApp: +49 1522 4241346 (no calls)

If you liked the play, please feel free to give us a little credit at the end of the game. This helps us to keep the business going and we are motivated to develop part 2 of the BEYOND-DBA, thanks!

And now: HAVE FUN!