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Take a slip of paper and write down the ABC. Maybe only something has been shifted …
Is it just possible to arrange the letters correctly here?
Nobody said that the lines should not go into the gray box! The code consists of 9 numbers. Start with 6 at the bottom right.

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Write an email. You will not need more than 3 tries!


Solution! But please only really look if you haven’t received an answer!


A mirror could help you, but not just stop in front of it. Notice what Sabrina did.
U stands for up, D stands for down, R for right, L for left! Now remember a little bit about “ludo” board game …

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One of the most used passwords! (You can google it – or just do what it says there ;-))
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There are 3 colors that together create white light!
You still don’t know? Ask Google…


You found a note in the room showing the same squares. This shows you which areas the cameras cover. There is only one way leading to a cell. Ideally, print it out and cross out the boxes.
Well, only a search engine helps here. Make yourself smart what “Sievert” means and what it means if you get too much of it.

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Ideally, you can print out the two pages. If not, have fun coloring / pausing ;-). Then cut out the rooms and puzzle. There is only one hint on the map where you can find numbers.

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Hmmm, your language skills are overwhelmed. Just ask Dr. Google!
Final code tip (no solution)


Every X stands for a number, check whether you have found all the codes!

Only calculate cross sums once. So not the checksum of the checksum! This can also be a two-digit number.

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