With slight disgust, Sabrina walked through the doorframe that was to her left. There was no door left. In the very devastated room beyond, she found a steel door with large numbers, a safe, and a filing cabinet.

With two fingers, she opened the first drawer of her target. Dirty emptiness stared at her; there was an envelope in the second drawer. It stood out because, unlike the rest of the paperwork, it was clean and seemed like it had been put in later.

She felt a small, hard object inside and shook the envelope curiously. At the same time, she wondered what that would bring. As far as she could with the bound hands, she tore it open. In addition to a blank note on which there were small squares and pictures, a small key became known. He looked exactly like one, used for handcuffs. At least she had seen it like that in countless thrillers.

What was the point in the key to the handcuffs in those drawers? She had nothing to lose, so she tried to open her bonds.

With delicate finger exercises, she tried to push the key into the small opening. “Click” – the clamp on her left hand opened. The right side then came out a little less complicated. She rubbed her wrists and lifted both arms to one side – a nice feeling.

No time for feelings – she knew that something was going wrong here. She looked curiously into the remaining subjects and discovered a note with nine numbers in circles. There was a handwritten note on the paper: “Connect all circles with only 4 straight lines (horizontal / vertical / diagonal) without removing the pen. Starts at one of the sixes in the corner! The square must not be left “.

Her eyes fell on the black vault across the room. Unlike the other items, it still seemed to be in good shape. Could this be the code for the vault?

Thinking for a moment and she had solved the puzzle, she had a 9-digit number.

The dirt no longer bothered her, her ambition was aroused and she knelt on the moldy foam in front of the black steel door and entered the code.

Enter the code and see what Sabrina finds …

to the safe

Form the checksum (always only the first checksum!) from the code of the safe to get one of the numbers for the final code!

Have you looked at what is in the safe and you know where to go from there? Then back to the rooms.

You can find a clue on the “page of shame”  under: SFE